Heritage Poultry: Bourbon Red Turkeys

The Bourbon Red turkey, named for Bourbon County, came from older stock taken to Kentucky from Pennsylvania. Bourbon Red turkeys are now at Watch status - upgraded from Rare status - as determined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The Slow Food USA initiative to save endangered heritage varieties by eating them is working!

Heritage Poultry

Turkey has been a favorite meat in the United States since pre-Colonial days. The regal bird with spread bronze tail is part of American culture and history. The turkey commonly available changed when large factory-style poultry producers developed varieties to grow fast and be processed with less labor. It was cheaper to raise but didn’t taste nearly as good. Turkey is strongly associated with Thanksgiving so a market niche exists for a high quality bird. John and Connie Caveny are working to fill that market with heritage turkeys grown locally in a sustainable, environmentally responsible and economically viable way. This is truly the best turkey you will ever eat!

The life cycle of our Bourbon Red Turkeys follows nature's cycle. Eggs hatch in early April, poults grow during the summer on pasture with supplemental feed and the birds slowly mature as the days grow shorter becoming naturally juicy and rich tasting. This process produces only one crop per year; harvest coincides with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don't wait to order your Heritage turkey for the holidays from Caveny Farm.

Note Bourbon Reds are available only through the pre-order program. All turkeys are pre-sold for pick-up before Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will select the pickup location as part of the order. Processing is done at an inspected plant which flash-freezes the birds to maintain peak flavor. All turkeys are delivered frozen. The quality of a frozen bird kept frozen is as good – or better – than a fresh bird.

Caveny Farm Bourbon Red turkeys are a natural product. We can estimate how many birds we have in each weight range but don't know exactly until the birds are processed and weighed. As a weight range sells out, we note it on the website. Don’t wait. Order your Heritage Turkey now!

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Heritage Poultry


Preorder Caveny Farm Bourbon Red turkeys for pickup before Thanksgiving or Christmas. All turkeys are pre-sold. No additional birds are available at pickup. Processing is done at an inspected plant in an Amish community. All turkeys are processed shortly before pickup and delivered flash-frozen for peak flavor.

Good News or Bad News

The facility processing our turkeys (and much of the turkeys raised by small Illinois farmers) will not clean gizzards. This is good news for those not using the extra bits stuck in the bird as they no longer pay for them. It is bad news for giblet gravy lovers but outside our control.

Purchase a Bird Now

Caveny Farm delivers to select local & Chicago farmer’s markets for pickup for the holidays. Or choose on-farm pickup and get a $12 credit per bird! Order your Heritage turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas now before some sizes sell out!

Smoked Turkey

Smoked Caveny Farm Bourbon Red Turkey is now better than ever. The “cure” is now a vegetable juice one yielding a fully cooked, delicious and more natural bird. Just thaw and it is ready to serve. Impressive and easy on a holiday buffet!

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