Caveny Farm in the News

In keeping with Knowing Your Farmer, we encourage you to check online for information about Caveny Farm. You will find news articles, some written by students, as well as bloggers about sustainability and tastiness.

You can see what Bourbon Reds look and sound like in these news videos:

Reporter Lindsey Hess specializes in agriculture and produced this story in the weeks before Thanksgiving.

Rich Samuels of WTTV, Chicago Public Television, visited Caveny Farm with his film crew. The piece that aired shows nearly mature Bourbon Red turkeys on pasture while John describes how they are grown. A bit older but one of our favorites, thanks Rich!

You can also read about Caveny Farm in print media. Click on the links below to the story.

John answered questions in this local news profile including personal preferences in farming, food and music.

If you wonder how to cook your holiday turkey, Monica Eng at WBEZ in Chicago wrote this great piece on the history of whole bird vs. cut up.

This article in AgriNews has details of interest to their farm based readership. Tom Doran gives a good summary of our farm and heritage birds.

Business Week included a section on Caveny Farm in their article on locally grown food. Click here to read.

Katahdin Lamb For Sale!

Heritage Poultry


Preorder Caveny Farm Bourbon Red turkeys for pickup before Thanksgiving or Christmas. All turkeys are pre-sold. No additional birds are available at pickup. Processing is done at an inspected plant in an Amish community. All turkeys are processed shortly before pickup and delivered flash-frozen for peak flavor.

Good News or Bad News

The facility processing our turkeys (and much of the turkeys raised by small Illinois farmers) will not clean gizzards. This is good news for those not using the extra bits stuck in the bird as they no longer pay for them. It is bad news for giblet gravy lovers but outside our control.

Purchase a Bird Now

Caveny Farm delivers to select local & Chicago farmer’s markets for pickup for the holidays. Or choose on-farm pickup and get a $12 credit per bird! Order your Heritage turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas now before some sizes sell out!

Smoked Turkey

Smoked Caveny Farm Bourbon Red Turkey is now better than ever. The “cure” is now a vegetable juice one yielding a fully cooked, delicious and more natural bird. Just thaw and it is ready to serve. Impressive and easy on a holiday buffet!

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