News and Updates

2011 11 08 Doug Davenport & Farm pics 002.jpg

Switching to Ducks and Geese

After much consideration, we have made the decision to switch from raising Bourbon Red turkeys to French Rouen ducks and American Buff geese. Like our Katahdin sheep, the ducks and geese eat primarily grass and this shift will allow us to return to our original vision for the farm. We apologize to our loyal turkey customers but hope you will trust us enough to try one of our French ducks or geese this fall.

Shipping orders outside Illinois

While we are able to ship our pasture raised poultry all over the United States because it is federally inspected when its processed, our lamb is processed at a local facility that is only state inspected.  Therefore, we are only allowed to ship lamb to an Illinois address. Thanks for your understanding.