Let's Eat!

We know you love that Caveny Farm poultry and lamb is raised naturally and sustainably by three generations but we agree, the best part is eating it! Whether you are cooking a whole goose for Christmas, smoking some lamb ribs on a summer afternoon or grilling lamb burgers for an easy weeknight supper, here are a few recipes and cooking tips to get you started. 


Turkey Recipes

There are several heritage turkey recipes available in cookbooks and online to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for the home kitchen collected from customers. Find one you love and start a holiday tradition. Or send us your favorite Bourbon Red recipe!

Lamb Recipes

Lamb is a favorite at our house. Tender, juicy and none of the gamey taste you may remember, Katahdin lamb is perfect for any occasion. As with turkey, there are several lamb recipes out there but here is one of our favorites.

Goose Recipes

For some, a roast goose at Christmas is the ultimate holiday meal. Try your own time honored recipe or use one of the ones listed below. 



You can't go wrong with a succulent roast duck at the holidays or anytime really. If you need inspiration, try the recipe below.



Cooking Tips

We get several questions throughout the year about how best to cook our birds. While there is no single best way, here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction.