Caveny Farm is a family owned business located just north of Monticello, Illinois. Started by John and Connie Caveny in 1987, the farm focuses primarily on pasture raised poultry and lamb. Our breeds were selected for their ability to thrive outside on pasture and most importantly, for their taste. All of our poultry are fed custom formulated feed to compliment the nutrients found in our pastures and all birds are raised without hormones or antibiotics.


Caveny Farm raises Katahdin sheep, a breed of hair sheep originating in the Caribbean, the British Islands, and the state of Maine. Katahdin are hardy, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops. Unlike wool sheep, they do not need shearing. They have an undercoat of fine wooly fibers that becomes very thick in cold weather, and naturally sheds as temperature and day length increase. Most importantly, Katahdins produce a high quality meat that is naturally lean and known for its exceptional, mild flavor.

French Rouen Ducks and American Buff Geese

While heritage Bourbon Red turkeys were the mainstay of Caveny Farm for many years, our original vision for the farm was to advance the value of the grass that grows so plentifully on our fertile central Illinois land. In returning to that original plan, we have transitioned back to breeds that eat primarily grass. Rouen ducks look a bit like a Mallard and are known for their showy colors and delicately flavored meat. They grow at a much slower rate than a commercial white duck but will dress out at about 4 lbs. American Buff geese have a creamy white color and are generally calmer than other geese.  They will produce a nice size roasting bird and will average about 9 lbs. each.


Three generations now work on the farm. While John and Connie still live and work on the farm, they have started to transition the farm to their daughter, Betsy Barnick and her family.